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How New Default Consensus Realities Instantiate

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Posthumanism - Retail Box Set Edition


To most, is likely still considered about as “mainstream” as one can get, even if simultaneously raising once again the question of whether or not the very concept of “mainstream media” itself can exist for much longer.

In the article Scientists: Humans and machines will merge in future, we see how some of the Accelerating Change Singularity Futurist Community’s recent work is being processed and packaged for retail distribution.

Which might raise some interesting questions:<ol><li>How are we doing? Is this the way we hope these ideas would be interpreted and presented? How accurate is the “conceptual throughput” from the idea initiator’s perspective?</li>

  • How are they doing? How responsible a job are the media retailers doing of presenting enough information to be accurate without overwhelming the audience to the extent that uptake is limited due to perceived complexity of the subject matter at hand? Are risks and opportunities being fairly depicted or portrayed?
  • </ol>

    Written on August 3, 2008