Metavalent Stigmergy

How New Default Consensus Realities Instantiate

WTA Last Minute Left Coast Troop Surge

how much would it be worth to you to live 120 healthy years instead of just 80? what if we are on the verge of taking it even further than that? what if the difference between Getting There or not is dependent upon our actions, today? what if proposing, debunking, reframing, and clearly articulating the REASONS and MOTIVES for achieving such lofty goals were prerequisites to achieving and realizing the actual technologies themselves?<blockquote>The WTA has done a lot with a little. We have grown to 4,700 members worldwide, and transhumanist topics are increasingly part of mainstream debate, yet last year our budget was only $8,000. Now we want to see how much more we can do with more.</blockquote>the WTA is extending the reach of our matching grant program and i’d like to encourage you to explore the WTA and see if it meets with your ideals. what if just ONE PERSON could create an instant ripple that sends that goal-meter off the charts with just EIGHT HOURS left in the year? what if that person was YOU and your AIM,Facebook, Meebo, MySpace, Orkut, or StumbleUpon network? sound impossible? maybe. only we can decide what is or is not …

i can provide one more link to the match here, but it’s up to you to strike it.

Written on December 31, 2007