Metavalent Stigmergy

How New Default Consensus Realities Instantiate

Prostrate Before the Robot Invasion

It’s Scientific American, not SciFi. The robots ARE inside of you. While resistance to our cyborg future is not futile, it does result in premature ejection from the competition for achieving posthuman sentience. So you are free to ignore the robots, close your eyes and blow your load of consciousness in one quick 70-year pop, or you can choose to exercise some delayed gratification and maybe develop some significant staying power. Don’t worry, neither choice will result in hairy palms (unless that suits your Avatar fantasy) and we’ll continue to fight for your right to retain those choices, no matter what. Oh, the lowbrow post-sensual existential entendre! Perhaps we may find that we’re really making progress once the phrase “keeping it up” refers to the ability to keep one’s sentience pre-resurrected – contiguous and coherent – just a little longer than the next nascent substrate-independent entity.

Written on May 5, 2007