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Gerontology Research Group - The Supercentenarians

“As of January 10, 2008, we have 71 Living Supercentenarians on this list (62 Females and 9 Males).”

Someday in the not too distant future, we may find among such groups the true heroes of practical posthumanism; and they will be mostly female … by a vast margin.

When I use the phrase “practical posthumanism,” I’m referring the the very real, very slow, very messy, very meticulous scientific and everyday human endeavors and efforts required to enable homo sapiens to entertain such seemingly unbridled – and by some measures and expressions, outright fanciful — ambitions of Becoming Something More. While I’m more than aware of the need to throttle back on some of the more fanciful visions of transhumansim that may have leaked out into the popular consciousness, it occurs to me that we must somehow strive to strike a balance between those hopeful demand-pull visions and the excruciatingly hard-won and empirically grounded supply-side solutions that will ultimately be required to actually extend both human longevity and capability in ways that are desirable, sustainable, and universally available.

Also of interest are several annual centenarian counts and related data.

Written on January 10, 2008