Metavalent Stigmergy

How New Default Consensus Realities Instantiate

What Makes Us Moral?

The deeper that science drills into the substrata of behavior, the harder it becomes to preserve the vanity that we are unique among Earth's creatures.

While clearly not the most rigorously peer-reviewed journal, the audience that Time Magazine reaches is an important one for discussing What Makes Us Moral, and articles such as this could partly address concerns about how to implement brain re-engineering to prevent humans from blowing themselves up over differences in superstition. It probably does sense to begin with less invasive software/meme-ware procedures such as Compelling and Accessible Rational Instruction before jumping ahead right away to nanobot routing table hacking of spindle and mirror neurons.<blockquote>Brain scans are providing clues. Animal studies are providing more. Investigations of tribal behavior are providing still more. None of this research may make us behave better, not right away at least. But all of it can help us understand ourselves—a small step up from savagery perhaps, but an important one.</blockquote>

Written on November 25, 2007