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Happy Birthday, Brother

  1. It’s just like 12, 22, and 32, but with a 4. Oh, and it just happens to be the Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything which just happens to be coming out in theaters during the same month that you hit the mark. Pure coincidence; I’m sure of it.

What better than a Kevin Cronin update to mark the occasion?

3/22/2005 Hi Everybody, In case you were wondering, I forgot to bring my trusty laptop along for the ride around the Midwest. With us breaking in three new songs, a retooled set list, and a number of fresh faces on the crew, there wasn't much time for chatting here anyway. I think we played a different set almost every night, in search of the right combination of songs and vibe. We opened the first couple of shows with "Take It On The Run". Then a couple with "That Ain't Love". Until we finally hit pay dirt with "Tough Guys" for the final two shows. I thought we were so clever using "Wild Thing" for our intro music, until we went to see LeBron James with the Cleveland Caveliers playing the Utah Jazz at Gund Arena, and they played it way too many times during the game...oh well, back to the drawing board. But that is the fun of starting from scratch with a new show, you just keep trying things out until it feels right. I am looking forward to checking out the KC listens page to see how you guys are feeling about the new show/songs. We are having a blast playing "Smiling In The End", "Everything You Feel", and "Let My Love Find You" from the upcoming "The Brotherhood" CD. It is remarkable how playing new stuff makes all of the classic hits sound all that much better. The creativity of making a new record is contagious. We had two off days in Cleveland, and we were surprised to find out that according to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum, we do not exist! Nor do Styx, Cheap Trick, Bob Seger, Ted Nugent...actually there is no such thing as Midwest Rock'n Roll as far as the Rock Hall is concerned. I mentioned this to our tour guide, and he was embarrassed to say that many visitors share our point of view. Maybe if a few more fans let their voices be heard, things could begin to change. OK, it is time to start the wonderful journey that is bedtime for the children. It is a intricate ritual around here, filled with a need for the ultimate in patience. With contented little souls, breathing in near silent rhythm...pure, peaceful little faces, looking up at me with the truest of love, as my reward. Have a nice dream, KC NOTE: Pictures from the studio are now on the REO Picture Page.
Written on April 12, 2005