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First Annual Space Elevator Games - SUCCESS!

I was privileged this weekend to put in three 14 hour days volunteering with the Spaceward Foundation’s inaugural Space Elevator Games 2005. This event was the Kitty Hawk for the coming era of safe, reliable, lowcost, quotidian access to space. By augmenting traditional rocket-based lift systems with the space elevator, or “train to space” as the Russians envisioned in the 1940’s, the pace of space development will increase rapidly as cost-per-pound of payload drops by a factor of 100 or more. Here are a few of the post-games write-ups:

Like Kitty Hawk, the success at the first annual Space Elevator games was not actually the first successful demonstration of the concept. Many other groups like the LiftPort Group of Bremerton, WA have been working on the concept for several years.

Written on October 24, 2005