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Abundant Adsenselessness

And for another anecdotal adsenselessness example, see this very blog. After the entry from Joel on Software, I became curious about adsense and went and signed up, put the code on this page, and what kind of ads do we see? Shit. Literally.

Now I’m the first to admit that this is an awfully shitty blog, but it was never intended to be anything more than my own public broom closet and junk drawer of various items that I found of interest and of potential future referential use. However, I just don’t believe that adsense had anywhere near the sense to figure that out in the 24 hours it took to get it set up. Rather, it seems to me that adsense (or some senseless human doing its bidding) took a single sentence on the template page out of context, namely:

"aWebcamDarkly is apparently becoming a compost heap for all kinds of interweb refuse"

Adsenseless seems to interpret this to mean that visitors to this site will be most interested in COMPOSTING above all else. Hilarious! Now, I couldn’t care less if anyone ever clicks on an adsense word on this site, but it seems the google might have an interest in upping the odds of that happening, just a wee bit. Just in case someone or some bot at adsense does take the time to fix this in the future, here is a crop of the screen capture of the initial set of adsense words assigned to this site:

ROTFLMFAO!!! I guess it’s this level of intelligence that justified the $350.00 share price that Jim Cramer must simply be gaga about, just now. Note to Jim: be happy you were right and freakin’ SELL before all the click fraud and AdSenselessness becomes widely known. The google gig is just about up, and you didn’t hear THAT first on Mad Money.

Written on October 29, 2005