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How Linux finally takes the desktop

In CNET’s report, Gates memo warns of ‘disruptive’ changes, we see how Linux will finally become the desktop OS of choice. Once the web is sufficiently streamlined to deliver TRUE desktop-responsive applications, the original dream of Sun and Java will be realized and the Network will finally become the Computer. It may yet be seven to ten years out, but despite the years of hype and the delays presented by REALITY, the day will come when the OS will live entirely in instant-on RAM and the applications will live wherever they want to live. In that world, the universal OS of choice will be some *IX variant, although consumers will likely not even be aware that it happened, any more than the average Apple user knows that they’re essentially running BSD.

There's <a href="*/"s The Future. This is The Future. - Mark Hamill, Comcast commercial
Written on November 9, 2005