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New Technology - PAPE-R

CDs Have a Short Life Span, as short as two years. He goes on to make a case for magnetic tape as a 30 to 100 year storage option, but tape too can easily become corrupted if not carefully stored. If left too close to the speakers, or other magnetic source, data can bleed through the windings of the tape, making it unreadable.

Anyway, I heard about this new storage technology, allegedly in development and code-named PAPE-R (Perennially Archivable Preservation Elements - Recylable). I guess some claim evidence of records by some non-U.S. countries that are hundreds and even thousands of years old stored upon it, already. If it’s not a U.S. standard though, I’d never personally trust it because only the U.S. has the slightest technology clue, right?

Written on January 11, 2006