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Annual Credit Reports and Tax Time

SCORE (FICO, etc.), which is different from the detailed report and a bit of a scam, but still at least $50 cheaper than what it used to cost to do this every year and certainly much more time efficient than the old way!

I don’t have time to rant about the “secret” fourth bureau, Innovis, which a.) has a contested and questionable history as a sort of black list from which it is almost impossible to be removed and b.) apparently doesn’t have to comply with the law that entitles consumers to a free report once per year. Please do feel free to help research this and post comments below.

Now, as for tax time, don’t even waste your time or energy thinking about it. Go to and just do the whole thing online. Don’t waste time installing software on your machine and worrying about backing stuff up. Let the web site deal with all that and just pay the $35.00 (approx) that will cover e-filing BOTH your Federal and State returns. Print out a good old fashioned hard copy for your long-term storage and you’re DONE IN JANUARY! And that’s gonna’ make you feel GOOD – I guarantee.

Written on January 25, 2006