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Anything Goo Can Do Y! Can Do Better

Search.Yahoo.Com the default Y! page. People prefer the simplicity of that landing page for search, with the option to add modules to suit their needs.

Sadly, Yahoo will never do this, because of its roots as a Directory. It’s too bad, because if there is any single counterintuitive step Yahoo could take to really knock the Goo out of the competition, it would be to provide a more similar initial page. Why? Because the rest of Y! is so much more evolved than Goo, the significant advantages of Y! would immediately become vastly more apparent. Goo is the one playing catch up in the customizable module department – not to mention advances in areas like MyWeb and Mindset Intent-Driven Search at Research.Yahoo.Com – but because of the difference in presentation, the perceptions currently play in Goo’s favor.

Unfortunately, Y! will never make Search.Yahoo.Com the default Y! page because the conventional thinking is that it would appear to cede leadership to Goo, by admitting that making the initial page SIMPLE is, indeed, BETTER.

Written on March 6, 2006