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Immigration Policy Gone Wild

This post from InstaPundit is indicative of the fact that more and more calm, reasonable, tolerant, liberal, and very patient people have just about had enough. In any nation based upon the rule of law, if the laws are not enforced, they lose credibility and you no longer have a nation ruled by law. This issue truly does threaten our national identity on a level never before experienced. It is imperative to maintain an open mind in life, but not so open minded that your brain falls out. It's time to soberly think these things through to their logical conclusions and take action now to help shape desired outcomes. The illegals flooding the United States know exactly their desired outcome, and they are way ahead in the effort to attain those ends. Just look at the problems and divisions created in Canada as the result of the language split between French and English and that's what the U.S. is on track to creating; and worse.
Written on March 25, 2006