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Innovators Unite! Starve Out the Vulture Capitalists

Finally, we may have them right where we want them. Just keep doing what you’re doing, changing the world, and if at all possible do not take any VC money and certainly do not take it on their terms. At the very least, MAKE THEM SWEAT. Remember, they need you much more than you need them. You are the Innovators, you can always create the next new thing. They only have money, which is nothing without an engine of innovation to keep it growing.

Obviously, Vulture Capitalists are starting to feel the reality that innovators are onto their leeching ways. In Why startups must only take financing from accredited investors, we see a rather desperate attempt to scare bootstrappers away from the open market and corral them back into the vulture’s domain. Don’t buy it. If VC’s have risk-aversed themselves out of the game, that’s their problem. If VC’s are so short sighted as to not provide capital soon enough to be significantly ahead of the curve, that is their loss. There are many ways to do micro finance and angel rounds that work out well for everyone involved, and the best outcome is that innovators and creators bypass you, Mr. Vulture, altogether.

Finally, it looks like it could be an opportunity for innovators to reverse the strong-arm tactics of VC’s and force THEM to go back to working themselves and stop feeding off the blood and sweat of innovators who ACTUALLY change the world. If innovators keep innovating VC’s out of the loop, the free lunch could be over, boys and girls. Moving forward, innovators can and will do more and more without you and will continue to get better and better at it. Time to brush up YOUR resume, Mr. Bloviating VC Boy and Ms. Scintillating Self-Absorbed VC Girl. If you’re lucky, maybe the Real Innovators will even hire you to do Marcom.

Written on March 26, 2006