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Abandon Vista

Possibly the most salient blog post I’ve ever read.

Abandon Vista. We don’t need another desktop OS

The simple fact is we don't need another desktop operating system. We need an Everywhere OS. When was the last time you smacked your PC across the display because XP didn't look pretty enough or was lacking some key feature you needed. Don't ask me because I couldn't tell you. Now tell me when was the last time you found yourself at a loss because there was some file on your home PC that you really needed when you were on the road. I reckon I have that problem once a week, at least. Do you use multiple computers too? Find it frustrating trying to remember how you set up the file system on each one? I've written before how I think Google is working towards an online/offline future. Now if Microsoft really wanted to trump the big G, this is where they could hit them with a great big plank of four by two.
Written on March 31, 2006