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$2.56 BILLION Fraud and Stature on the Rise?

Yahoo News reporting Judge OKs $2.65 BILLION AOL Class-Action Settlement and yet, “the Internet provider has risen in stature with the recent boom in online advertising.”

Can somebody explain to me how this happens? AOL has always been almost as much a house of cards as Enron; only AOL’s cards were glued together in pairs so it had a little more illusory strength. So how does a company get exposed as multi-BILLION dollar FRAUD and yet be allowed to continue existing? And this is supposed to motivate other businesses to play by the rules? Why should they when crime obviously pays VERY RICHLY. So richly, that you can buy your own justice with the ill-gotten gains themselves. But let the average American miss filing taxes on a $42,000 annual income and they’ll be in shackles faster than you can say, “you’ve got fraud mail.” Brilliant.

Written on April 8, 2006