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Market Evolution at Work - More Hopeful Signs of Bellhead Telco Ultimate Extinction

Personally, I can’t wait to see AT&T go the way of the dinosaur. Yes, it’s personal. Yes, it’s a grudge. In 1999, we showed them how to leapfrog the cable companies and provide an integrated services platform that would rule the world. It was called Ethernet To The Home (ETTH). The VC’s literally laughed us out of their offices, and continued throwing money down the dotcom drain. John Doerr and company blew it off and built a long-dead non-starter called @Home; sure they made a few bucks, but could have owned the new telecom world. The telcos blew it off and blew their chance to compete. Now, the telcos are off whining that and twisting political arms with CA Assembly Bill 2987. Sorry, Bellheads, but the fact that you made Bad Decisions does not now entitle you to legislative intervention to save you from your own fate. You should have thought about all this when you had the chance.

In the real world, an entrenched business can be So Risk Averse that it is a Danger To Itself, sowing the seeds of its own destruction. That is what happened to the Bellhead Telcos, and if there is any logic left in the market, at all, the so-called “New AT&T” will soon give way to a REAL network of the future that is closer to a Universal Level3 Network (NASDAQ: LVLT). Goodbye Central Office (CO), hello Local Internet Exchange (LIX).

Written on April 13, 2006