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More VOIP Dog Kicking

Yo, yo, it’s JAJAH, the web-activated telephone company. Surely this is another quick and dirty web-dialer that the “experts” say justifies the continued kicking of Vonage. But just take a look at the potential for ABUSE in this service! I just fired off several test calls to several phones numbers using Jim Cramer’s Mad Money as the source phone. Perhaps I should call the Vonage Investor Relations number, from Cramer, and level a series of death threats at specific individuals. That might be one interesting way to drive home the point about just how far Vonage is evolved beyond the so-called competitors in it’s actual EXECUTION of delivered services. Skype, Jajah, and other web-dialers are no where near as evolved as consumer telephone replacements. Both demand significant changes to the WAY that customers make and receive phone calls. Vonage suffers none of those deficits. Comcast, and other cable VOIP providers are TWICE the cost of Vonage and seek to retain the monopoly rents of the legacy telco operators. Vonage blows them away in terms of good old fashioned, consumer-grade bang-for-the-buck.

So, “sick ‘em Vonage! Good dog!”

Written on June 11, 2006