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The G-ineptitude is growing at G-oogle. Perhaps Google should have made it’s slogan “Don’t be Clueless.” Evil, for all it’s malevolence, is at the very least legendary for winning the day, much to the chagrin of the righteous. But as Ron White says, “You can’t fix stupid.”

This is just the latest entry, added to the ongoing click fraud, reputations for overbearing and arrogant business tactics, and the increasing disarray as decreasingly talented people who don’t know WHAT to do with their 20% G-slack time waste it playing volleyball.

By Jon Udell at InfoWorld, it bears full reposting:

A Google developer and API evangelist, P., invites me to take a look at a new API. I reply that, instead, I’d like to discuss the GData APIs. P. thanks me for my interest in GData, and promises to try to connect me with someone. <p> A couple of days later I hear from S., on Google’s “communication team.” S. initiates the usual PR protocol: “Can you give me some details about the story you are working on and what information you’d like from Google?” </p> <p>Sigh. I’m not working on a story, at least not yet, I’m just curious about GData. I can and will research it myself, but if you want to play a role in that process, trying to pin me down to a laundry list of questions won’t help your cause. Just find me somebody who is passionate about GData, and who is allowed to discuss it. </p> <p>But then S. turns up the heat. “Can you also please contact the communications team rather than going to the product folks directly so we can make sure your inquiry is routed to the appropriate party and answered in a timely fashion?” </p> <p> Oh please. It was P. who wrote to me in the first place. I relayed my request through P. because I had a hunch that the “communications team” might not be tuned into GData. So I ignore the slapdown and merely reply to S.: </p> <p> “I would like to talk to folks on the GData team about the APIs and their uses.” </p> <p> S., who let’s recall is employed by the world’s leading search engine, replies: </p> <p> “What does Gdata refer to? We don’t have a product called Gdata that I’m aware of…..” </p> <p> I am not making this up. </p> <p>Another day passes, S. figures out how to Google GData, and writes back that an interview can be arranged, provided that I first enumerate my questions. </p> <p> Never mind. I only have one question at this point. What planet are you living on? </p>Reposted from: Jon Udell: Earth to Google PR

Written on June 15, 2006