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Vista's Horizon

Intel Core 2 chips appear just in time for Vista.

Get those shopping lists ready: MSFT, INTC, ATYT, SYMC; even AMD and (possibly) RHAT will benefit. I don’t dare suggest what could happen if WinTel were to announce a Christmas surprise. That is, if Vista boxes were to suddenly ship in time for this holiday season, the tech sector would go utterly apeshit. Of course, file that in the, “Umm, I seriously doubt it, dipshit” folder.

Although, even without such a surprise, 2007 will definitely be the year of Vista and Christmas 2007 will definitely be the time to buy-buy-buy new home PC’s. By Christmas 2007, the intial Vista bugs should all be squashed while both AMD and Intel chips will have shown their true colors in real world comparisons, making Q4 2007 an ideal time to enter the next PC market cycle.

Add the presidential cycle into the mix, and you’ve got a fairly reasonable 18 month tech forecast.

SeekingAlpha: Chip Stocks » Intel’s New Core Processors Will Put the Hurt on AMD (AMD, INTC)

Written on July 14, 2006