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Who Is Really To Blame?

Mandate for Palestine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia And who's Genius Phcktard Plan was this?

How much longer will Americans keep shoveling their fat-ass lazy mouths full of bush’s babbling bullshit instead of listening to The People Actually Affected by world events?

Why is This Completely Retarded Phckshit listed under CNN “Best Video” but a Very Level Headed Prime Minister of Lebanon, whose nation is being bombed to hell, is buried amidst the rubble of the rest of the site?

And holy Allah-Jesus-Buddha-Confucius-Krishna-Phcking Shit, Man! What kind of PHCKING IDIOTS could have ever seen this as a workable plan?

It’s time to realize WHO IS TO BLAME and let the consequences accrue to THOSE RESPONSIBLE. And if this post gets me on the phcking DHS watch list and I end up in Rumsfeld’s personal dungeon for it; then so be it. I’m tired of buckling to the goddam tyrants.

I am tired of living in FEAR of thinking for myself, afraid to speak publicly against the tide of popular opinion, in my own country, The United States of America.

I am ANTI-STUPIDIC, not Anti-Semitic. I do not hate Jewish people, I hate STUPIDITY. The clusterphck that is referred to as the Israel-Palestine problem, or the Middle East Peace problem – or pick your euphemism – was created by the clueless phcktards that started the whole thing in 1948, under the half-baked feuilleton influence of some idealistic, zealous nut-job called Theodor Herzl.

Imagine what would U.S. citizens say, TODAY, if the U.N. stepped in and said, “for your genocide and destruction of the American Indian and your crimes in forcibly taking their Sacred Promised Land, you must carve out the original 13 colonies and create a new soveriegn American Indian nation.” Better yet, “you must also give California back to Mexico.”

What do you think would be the reaction? And yet, that is essentially what happened in 1948 to the dehumanized people of the British Mandate of Palestine. And today in the U.S. we all sit around and quote our little bullshit quotations and act all self-righteous, as if we have the first phcking clue as to what is going on in the world.

This clusterphck is the Lasting Historic Legacy of the arrogant, inbred Imperial British Empire. I say, let them figure it out and keep the United States the hell out of it. They’re the ones with the Superior Royal blood who dreamt up this scatterbrained goddamned plan, as if it were their delusional catholic divine right to carve up the world as they see fit.

I am heartbroken for the Palestinian People.

I am heartbroken for the Arab Nations.

I am heartbroken for the Jewish people.

I am heartbroken for my own wayward country.

Written on July 16, 2006