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How New Default Consensus Realities Instantiate

An Infinite Number of Yahoos at an Infinite Number of Keyboards

Please click on any of the screen shots below to get full res image. Here’s how it works:

  1. First, confirm that your DAILY virus and trojanware scan once again reports a clean bill of health; thanks to your diligent and responsible systems management.

  2. Next, try to login to Yahoo, only to have the system tell you that your login is suddenly invalid.

  3. Then, triple check your password against your excruciatingly detailed and accurate records.

  4. Login to Yahoo again, using the copy and pasted PRECISE information from your records, only to get the same response.
  5. Follow the suggested screwup prompts.

  1. Be told that the screwup has been repaired.

  1. Rather than the 15 minute wait suggested above, wait an hour and still never get the email that Yahoo’s robots said was sent.
  2. Nevermind. Try to login a FOURTH time, just in case it was some other server hiccup.
  3. NEVER receive any indication that you may be approaching some magic number of failed logins that will result in the complete annhilation of your account.
  4. After wading through the preemptive, irrelevant distractions on Help.Yahoo.Com, finally reach a form by which one may contact Yahoo.
  5. Procede to have  the exchange with Yahoo Customer Service, as documented here.
  6. Finally get back into your account.  Pick a new STRONG password.  Change security questions, including Security Key.
  7. Several days later, attempt to login to Yahoo.
  8. GOTO #1.

The above is known as an INFINITE LOOP.  It is one 1of the reason that GOTO statements were essentially eradicated in the first place.  If you can GOTO a place from which there is no escape, your code will run forever in nowhereland.  This is how Yahoo is presently running their customer service network.

  1. Yahoo = GOTO h311.
  2. END.
Written on July 18, 2006