Metavalent Stigmergy

How New Default Consensus Realities Instantiate

Exploring the UberMetaSupraBe-O-Sphere

Humanity’s expanding contextual awareness is definitely reaching either an asymptote, an inflection point, a quantum jump, or similar discontinuity. The buzzword of the day is singularity, though Eliezer Yudkowsky’s intelligence explosion is probably a more accurate term. Yet, the expansion of contexual awareness is more than that, as well.

Contextual awareness implies a practical UNDERSTANDING, resulting from applied intelligence. Without that contextual awareness, all we can do is sit around THINKING novel thoughts or at best possibly KNOWING a few cool new things, but unable to see how it all fits into the bigger picture; much less DO much about our newly synthesized insights.

Of course, I prefer my own further obfuscating yet vaguely meta-accurate and counterintuitively clarifying term for this singular explosion of intelligence resulting in collective uber contextual awareness: Metavalent Stigmergy.

Metavalent Stigmergy says that exponential, radical, or discontinuous change is a form communication, itself. The question is, What are these changes telling us, as a species? In large part, that is what I believe the Extropian-Singularitarian Ant Colony is grappling to discern.

Centuries of scientific discipline have gradually revealed more and more of the biggest picture, often by observing and understanding more and more of the littlest picture. We witness this acceleration and expansion in all kinds of unexpected, metatrivial applications. By metatrivial I mean developments that might SEEM trivial – well, humble might be a better term – but which portend radical discontinuous advances.

Case in point, “‘There are advances being made in metamaterials that mean the first devices will probably be used for bending radar waves or the electromagnetic waves used by mobile phones,’ he said.”

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Written on August 1, 2006