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When do uplifted nonhumans become citizens?

In When do uplifted nonhumans become citizens? George Dvorsky explains that, “We don’t have tiers of citizenship in liberal democracies—to do so would be a form of apartheid. I think it would be an extremely bad idea to start “demoting” uplifted nonhumans or psychological delayed humans based on some personhood metric. It’s a binary concept - you’re either an equal citizen under the law or you’re not a citizen.”

And, “They are part of the social contract, but we acknowledge that their limited psychologies don’t allow for other citizenship type behaviour like voting. The same policy is applied to small children and the severely disabled. There is nothing new here.”

These are two extremely salient points. In this post, I’d like to draw particular attention to the concept of “demoting … psychological delayed humans.” In many respect, I believe that I might partly represent this class of human. It took me until the age of 31 to realize the essential requirement for higher education. I earned and UNDERGRADUATE degree from Stanford at the age of 37. I’m on the verge completing my pilot training, nearing the age of 47. Both are activities more common to 20-something year olds. <div align="right">

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Written on August 24, 2006