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Watchdog Warning - AOL’s Free Software is Malware

0Speaking of dog watching, I continue to stick by Vonage. My shares from the Directed Share Program went from $17.00 to $6 to presently settle between $8 and $9 – and I’m sticking with it. If it’s statesmanship you’re looking for, try this on for size: I won’t begrudge anyone getting in and riding back up to $20+ with me by this time next year. Yep, you get to more than double your coinage and I’ll only make $3/share. Now that’s statesmanship.

On the other hand, if you want a scumbag company worth kicking to the curb, lets pick one worth kicking. For instance, as the New York Times reports:<blockquote>Mr. Palfrey said … software [does] not have to be malicious to violate consumer trust. “We currently recommend that users do not install the [free] version of AOL software that we tested,” the Web site read yesterday, “unless the user is comfortable with the level of risk we identify or until the application is updated consistent with the recommendations in this report.”</blockquote>

Written on August 31, 2006