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About KLAS (Kronos Longitudinal Aging Study):<blockquote>What can be done to help understand aging and how to measure it? The KLAS program has created an operational definition of aging. The study defines aging as the slope of the declining part of the curve representing the change in global functional capacity. The goals of the KLAS project are to:

  1. enlist as many participants as possible in a longitudinal study of human aging;
  2. identify valid physiological biomarkers of functional capacity;
  3. demonstrate that functional capacity declines with age;
  4. develop a global index of functional capacity;
  5. measure aging rate by monitoring changes in the global index;
  6. test potential anti-aging interventions in a volunteer human population.

</blockquote>This ambitious and potentially groundbreaking program is not for everyone, so if you think you have The Right Stuff, go check it out and become part of the vanguard for extending human health expectancy to keep pace with an ever increasing life expectancy.<blockquote>All enrollees must be willing and able to commit to long-term study participation, minimum of three (3) times over six (6) years. The cost to participate in this study, $2,100.00 per visit, covers the actual costs of testing and reporting and is far below that which would be required elsewhere. Investigators recognize that this may limit the ability to recruit, however without longitudinal data, the study cannot succeed.


Written on October 13, 2007