Metavalent Stigmergy

How New Default Consensus Realities Instantiate

That said TO me is not always directed AT me

Yesterday's realization.

That said TO me, is not always directed AT me. People are performing their experience in front of me, not necessarily because of me. Also, never allow the passive aggressive to use this as an excuse to pretend that, that which *is* directed *at* me is not directed at me, and for me. Always the the double-sided sword of truth.

Whether I’m a daughter or son of a narcissistic family system, the Golden Child or the Scapegoat, with high behaviorally-inherited narcissism myself, of course I assume that it’s all, always, about me, and the entire world is always coming at me, bro’/sis’. I am the eternal target and victim of all people and all circumstances.

Can I let this go in the light of heaven? Of course. Will it always be part of the story I share with others of how I got into heaven? Of course. Do all the experiences that I had on my way to heaven “ruin heaven” in any way? That, doesn’t even merit a response. Heaven, whether believed in or not, by any intellectually honest definition, is incorruptible. Of course, that characteristic is exactly what triggers so many damaged beings to forever attempt to impugn that, in vain.

Now is the opportunity to let go of our painful childhood distorted cartoon images of an inaccessible, impenetrable, condemning heaven, and integrate everything that we have learned from science, physics, and exploration of all the great world philosophies and traditions and arrive ourselves, in this very instant.

Welcome home. This present moment.

Consider Marianne Williamson’s audiobook, A Return To Love. [Listen here]] if the embed below does not to play correctly.

“In heaven, everyone is allowed to be successful.”

Written on March 26, 2021